"A painter paints pictures on canvas.
But musicians paint their pictures on silence."
                                             - Leopold Stokowski

Singer/Songwriter Rebecca McGown aspires daily to live up to her dream of being an inspiration to America's youth through music. From an early age, Rebecca loved, breathed and lived her passion and it was very apparent to anyone who knew her, she was going to be a star. This realization was not evident to her, however, until she took center stage for her solo in her High School musical, West Side Story. "I have never felt more alive" Rebecca states, "When I was on stage, all that mattered was the music and the emotion that song portrayed."

Rebecca is the youngest child (of five) to Cindy McGown and Mark Davis. Her family has been a very influential part of her musical career. "My mother sang us to sleep every night with James Taylor. Now I cannot help but think that I was destined to be a singer before I could even talk."

Her dreams became reality in 2012 when her talents were recognized by Invictus Records LLC. Soon following her signing with the label, Rebecca wrote (with the expertise of Mike Shimshack) her debut album, consisting of 10 tracks. Rebecca's approach to writing was very personal and conjured excitement throughout the industry. Her straightforward lyrics and her universal topics make it easy for the listener to be moved.

I want people to know that my music is a reflection of me. Its real, authentic and true every time.